Cello Seat Cushions
Judy Johnson Henderson


Good posture is one of the key elements of good playing, and is important in helping to avoid repetitive motion and overuse injuries.  The seat cushions offered here are constructed of a very firm, non-compressible foam wedge,  topped with a softer but firm compressible layer of foam for sitting comfort. 

 The wedge cushion comes in three standard heights.  It is possible to custom order higher sizes as well.  The added height of the larger sizes is made with a flat layer of non-compressible foam combined with the basic wedge.  The outer covering is a sturdy black fabric, suitable for the concert stage, and there is a carrying handle sewn into the back.  

 Cushions can be ordered absolutely flat, as well.  The flat cushion is made with the same components, offering a firm lift with no forward slant.  

These cushions are lightweight, convenient to carry, and very supportive.  They encourage good posture by offering a firm "lift".  

 Heights of wedge shaped cushions (see pictures below): 

 Small - 3" tapering to 1" - $70 plus shipping.

Medium - 4" tapering to 2" - $75 plus shipping.

Large - 5" tapering to 3" - $80 plus shipping.

Flat cushions may be ordered 2", 3" or 4" thick - $70, $75, or $80 plus shipping.

To order, call Judy Henderson at 714-602-8551, 714-832-6769, or send an e-mail to judy@judy-henderson.com.  Shipping charges will be quoted at time of order, and will be determined by your location.

For orders from the United States, payment may be made as follows:

1.  By check or money order - contact me for mailing address.

2. By PayPal to judy@judy-henderson.com.  PayPal keeps changing the process to send money but here's the present process. 

     A) Go to www.paypal.com.  You must have an account with PayPal to send money, so log in.

     B). Click on "Send" at the top of the page.

     C). Enter judy@judy-henderson.com as the person to send money to, and then click "Next".

     D). Enter the amount of money to send, and click "Continue".

     E). Click on "For Friends and Family", and then click "Continue".  Do this so I'm not charged a service fee by PayPal.

3. By going to paypal.me/CelloSeatCushions.  You'll get a page with my husband's name (PMichael Henderson) and picture but it's the right page.  Then just enter the payment in the payment field.

4. If you'd like to use Zelle through your bank, call and we'll work with you. 

For international orders, payment may be made as follows:

1.  International Money Order in US dollars (contact me for mailing address).

2. By PayPal to judy@judy-henderson.com.  Follow the directions in item 2, above.  You must send the money as US dollars, not your local currency.


The small cushion - 3" tapering to 1".

The medium cushion - 4" tapering to 2".

The large cushion - 5" tapering to 3".

The 2" flat cushion.

The medium cushion compared to the large cushion.

The small cushion compared to the large cushion.

The 2" flat cushion compared to the large cushion.